There are not a lot of things in the world that can make you feel bluer than waking up and seeing hair on your pillow. Or brushing your hair and seeing too much of it left on the comb. We know the causes of hair loss – bad genetics, lots of stress, bad nutrition and so on. But what if we have already failed to prevent it from happening? Should we just give up and buy a wig for the dark day when bald spaces appear on the top of our heads? Cosmetic companies offer wide variety of hair products and expensive procedures with doubtful effect. They often appear on TV with the image of beautiful women with extraordinary thick hair. Subconsciously you get the idea that the particular product helped them to regenerate their hairs. Still, you need to consider the fact that most of those models have never suffered the issue of hair loss. Advertising selects people with perfect genetics that couldn’t damage their appearance if they didn’t try very hard.

Sometimes it is way better to try search for a natural solution. Let’s try to mix a hair mask that could heal damaged hair.


A serious factor for hair loss is the lack of essential proteins. Thus many vegetarians who didn’t research well before starting such diet suffer from this condition. Eggs are very rich in proteins thus they are a very convenient ingredient for a homemade mask. Also they contain huge amounts of sulphur. This is very important, because sulphur is involved in the amino acid cystein – an important part of the proteins that build hair strains.


Garlic is often suggested to girls who want to speed up their natural hair growth in order to manage long beautiful hair. Garlic stimulates hair growth.

Aloe Vera

Extracts from this amazing plant have great impact on the scalp. Hair loss often appears due to skin irritations. Aloe vera has soothing effects and rejuvenates the epithelium on your scalp.


Trivitaminol is almost a magical product. It is rich in vitamins that we usually miss in our nutrition. Applying it in our masks can reduce hair loss faster than any other product on the market. It works even better when combined with other ingredients like honey, coconut milk and egg yolk.

Sometimes simple things can have great effect especially when it comes to home remedies for conditions like hair loss. Mixing our own hair loss mask can be cheaper and healthier than any pharmaceutics product. If there is still no effect, a medical treatment might be needed.

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