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Women have very special feelings towards their appearance. There is nothing more fragile than a woman with low self esteem. That’s why treating females with respect and never offending them is something that lays very deep into the moral and ethical ideals of many populations. Sadly, being nice to girls is not merely enough, because in their nature it is imprinted to be very judgmental towards their own looks. Any little imperfection can cause low self esteem and lack of confidence even in everyday situations. Sometimes it even leads to depression, which is not just typical sadness, but a medical condition.

That is why hair loss is a very serious issue when it comes to women. Men suffer way more often from baldness, but they don’t seem to respond so bad to it. That’s because nobody needs a man to be pretty. Professional success, money and power are much more important to boys than their looks. It’s the exact opposite with females. A thing like losing her much beloved hair can make any girl very scared to the point of getting sick, which could be the worst possible scenario as hair falls faster when the mind is on fire.

It is very important that we don’t only focus on curing the problem that causes hair loss, but also on the psychological impact that it has, because this is always a side effect of the main problem. A girl, who suffers hair loss, tends to compare herself to girls who don’t have the same condition and that makes her feel stressed and underestimated. If you recognize yourself in this description, try to remind yourself that beauty comes in many forms and it is very probable that the same girl that you envy, might look back at you thinking that you have better shoulders or slenderer body.

When experiencing a particular imperfection with your appearance, especially if it is only temporary like hair loss, you should try to focus on your advantages and give your best to express them with dignity. Sometimes it is even better to first act and then start to feel like your actions. Try to walk proudly and tell yourself that you are beautiful even if you don’t believe it at the moment due to this typical women insanity that overpowers females for no serious reason all the time. Hold your head high and smile. Soon your mood will follow your actions and you will feel better, which will positively contribute to the healing process.

It is very important to never forget that the path to confidence is marked within us and we are the only ones who can walk to the end. A confident woman is always beautiful just thanks to the aura she creates.

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