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All You Need To Know About Hair Loss Phenomenon

Ailesbury Hair Loss Clinic

There is no second question about the fact that one’s hair and hair style is the integral and most noteworthy part of one’s personality. With good and healthy hair, you are most likely to have a better and convincing personality. And odd-looking hair often drain your image as a person and ruin your entire outlook. The case of hair loss in men has been of great importance especially since the last couple of decades or so. As a matter of fact, the case of baldness, especially in males, is a matter of natural phenomenon. All men lose their hair in a special pattern known as Male Pattern Baldness.  In most of the cases, this happens in early 50’s or 60’s. However, due to drastic changes in the diet trends, the case of early hair loss is witness pretty commonly in men these days.

Hair loss or Male Pattern Baldness in males is a condition in which hair follicles get weakened and hair threads become less healthy and less vigorous. As a result, hair threads start falling from sides of scalp. The process is slow but gradual and results in baldness. Generally, this phenomenon arises when men reach the age of 50 or 60. However, in certain cases, due to nutritional imbalance, this may occur in early age of 20’s and 30’s. It is rather difficult to say what exactly would be the responsible factor but improper diet and hormonal imbalance are two important reasons as reported by most of the medical practitioners.

To cope up with this situation, it is important to first ensure proper and balanced diet. One’s everyday diet must include proteins, carbohydrates and fats in balanced ratio. Vegetables, pulses and meat should be part of regular diet. Especially, fish liver oil is considered significant in reducing hair loss in men.

When it comes to the treatment of hair loss, it is important to know that there are both surgical and non surgical techniques to cope up with this condition. For example, there’re certain medicines which may bring hormonal balance in your body and reduce the loss of hair. Similarly, there are certain hair grafting surgical procedure which involve grafting or implanting new hair threads and covering the bald scalp. However, it would be significant to mention here that the surgical procedures are rather costly and may involve certain health risks as well.

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