Deciding to have a hair transplant is a big step for every patient and it’s important to be well prepared for what lies ahead to make the procedure as successful as possible. As for any beauty procedure, there are dos and don’ts you should follow to get the best outcome.

Firstly, do make sure you chose a reputable clinic such as the Ailesbury Hair Clinic that carries the proper registrations, insurances and qualified, experienced surgeons. Once you’ve chosen your clinic and booked your initial consultation, make a note of all your questions and take these with you so the staff can provide answers and set the right expectations. Do be realistic and bear in mind that no surgeon can work miracles. This could mean that if you have very advanced hair loss, a transplant procedure might not provide the result you’d hoped for. In a small minority of cases a hair transplant might not be an option. The Aliesbury Hair Clinic always makes sure they clearly communicate the anticipated results to their patients so you’ll know where you stand in advance of any treatment offered.

Once you’ve established that a hair transplant is right for you, it’s important you follow the before and after care instructions given to you by your surgeon and team. These will include advice such as avoiding smoking, drinking alcohol and caffeinated drinks at least 3 days before your hair transplant. Do inform your consultant of any medications you’re taking, including vitamins and anti-inflammatories so they can advise you accordingly or refer you to your GP.

On the day of your treatment, be prepared to have your hair trimmed so your surgeon can access your donor hair. Don’t get this done prior to your surgery, as it needs to be carried out at the clinic itself.

Following your transplant it’s of paramount importance you follow the aftercare routine given to you. This will include steps such as moisturising and washing your hair using the supplied products for at least 2 weeks after your transplant.

Finally, do remember that results aren’t instant and don’t panic during the early stages of recovery. You should start to see results 5-8 months after your procedure. The recovery process will be fully explained to you and if you choose the Ailesbury Hair Clinic, their team will hold your hand every step of the way, providing information, advice and guidance to make sure your hair transplant is as successful as possible. Remember that millions of hair transplants take place across the world with lifelong results and you could be one of them in the future.