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It can be distressing to notice that you’re going bald or that you have thinning hair but you are not alone, and if you decide to take control of the situation you do have options. There are various treatments available which claim to slow, halt and even reverse the appearance of thinning hair. You might want to consider topical treatments to start with, such as castor oil or shampoos and treatments that include caffeine or minoxidil. There are herbal treatments like saw palmetto or prescription-only treatments such as Propecia, but success rates are varied and it can take six months or more to show results. A little research will show you that there doesn’t seem to be any way to tell who will respond to which treatment, and some people may not respond at all. If you’re lucky and you do see results, you will need to stick with your programme to maintain them, or your thinning hair will return.

Increasingly, men are considering tackling the issue of their thinning hair with hair transplants. Whilst you might see this as a drastic option, if the problem is causing you distress or affecting your confidence and relationships, it’s worth looking into. Ailesbury Hair Clinic, a leading Dublin based hair loss specialist, offers tailored advice to each individual on the best chance of success in their particular case. Using the innovative non-invasive Follicular Unit Extraction technique, their transplants cost between 2500 and 8500 Euros, depending on the complexity and extent of an individual’s hair loss and the amount of follicles you need. Their practitioners give clear advice about the options available to you. The clinic can offer the expertise of UK and Ireland trained dermatologists, cosmetic surgeons, hair doctors and trichologists who are available to make sure that you are receiving an holistic and honest review of your own situation, rather than a one-size-fits-all hard sell.

If you are finding that your thinning hair and the change in your appearance is costing you your confidence, it might be time to have a conversation with a consultant at Ailesbury Hair Clinic either in Dublin or at one of their London consulting offices. Even if it is not an option that you have seriously considered before, with plenty of evidence that even the most effective of the other treatments on the market are unreliable or short lived, a conversation certainly can’t hurt.