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We live in an age where women are not the only people that are conscious about the way they look, men are too. One of the most common problems amongst men today is hair loss or a receding hairline. There are many reasons why a person might start losing their hair including stress, aging, hormones or alopecia. The good news is that there are many hair loss solutions and treatments that men can use to stop hair loss in it’s tracks. Ordered from best to worst:

Aesthetic Hair Integration (AHI)

Aesthetic Hair Integration which is known as AHI for short is one of the best ways to disguise and treat your receding hair line. AHI is a non surgical treatment that helps to successfully restore you hairline. This treatment is offered in the Ailesbury Hair Clinic where they offer a guaranteed hair restoration process. There are many benefits to choosing aesthetic hair integration, not only can you treat your hair line medication free but it’s also a great way to naturally build your receding hair back up to its former glory.

Hair Loss Medication

We all know that there is no way to completely stop hair loss especially if it’s genetic, but there are some hair loss medications that can slow down the rate in which you lose your hair. There are currently two types of medication that are fully approved by the FDA on the market; finasteride and finoxidil. Finasteride is a pill that can be taken daily and is only available from visiting your doctor and getting a prescription. You would need to take these pills on an ongoing basis and they help by not only slowing down hair loss but by promoting new hair growth too. Finoxidil is an oil or foam that you can rub on to your scalp and is available to purchase over the counter.

A Hair Piece or a Wig

If you really want to cover up that receding hair line, and you don’t want to take medication then you may want to consider going for a wig or a hair piece. Hair pieces and wigs really have come a long way in recent years, and most people you meet won’t even know you are using one. It can be a long process to find a wig or hair piece that will suit you – but be sure to choose one that matches your natural hair colour and texture.