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Thinning hair is a condition that affects countless men throughout the United Kingdom. Also known as androgenic alopecia, this process can begin as early as one’s late teenage years and in some cases, such hair loss will ultimately lead to male pattern baldness. Thankfully, modern technology has now provided some truly miraculous solutions to this common issue. One procedure is known as follicular unit extraction. What does this involve and why is it effective than other methods?

A Natural Solution

Follicular unit extraction is an excellent means to counteract the appearance of a thinning hairline. The technicians at Ailesbury Hair Clinic will surgically remove tiny segments of healthy hair from the donor sites. These spots are usually on the sides and the back of the scalp. These hairs will then be implanted at the locations where the hair has noticeably thinned. An incredible 3,000 hairs can be extracted in this manner within a single procedure. To achieve a realistic look, doctors are now able to implant up to 75 individual hairs per cubic centimetre.

Minimally Invasive

Thanks to the exacting nature of this procedure, many patients opt for follicular unit extraction over traditional methods. Strip transplantation or processes involving the removal of large “chunks” of hair would often lead to unsightly scarring and sutures may even be required. This is not the case with the microscopic techniques employed by the Ailesbury Hair Clinic. It should also be known that healing and recovery times are drastically reduced. Those with a relatively mild case of thinning hair may even be able to achieve their former appearance within a single session.

All About the Appearance

There are many men who have been hesitant to undergo a transplantation procedure due to their fear of an unnatural look. This concern is all but a thing of the past through the use of follicular unit extraction. Not only is the natural density able to be achieved, but smaller grafts dictate that a completely realistic hairline is now possible (even upon extremely close examination). Gone are the days of a synthetic appearance or the “blotchy” nature of hair plugs.

It is clear to see that men are no longer forced to life with thinning hair. To learn more or to appreciate the options that you have, please contact the Ailesbury Hair Clinic and see how this treatment can change your life.