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For some men, losing their hair as they age is a common problem, in fact, research shows that approximately 50% of men will have major hair thinning before they reach the age of fifty. Some may even find themselves with a receding hairline by the time they reach their twenties – this can be due to a variety of reasons including: genetics, stress or physical reactions to medication.

Whatever the reason, hair loss can often cause a dent in an individual’s confidence and self-esteem, but luckily there are treatments such as hair transplants available which are designed to suit every individual’s needs.

How do Hair Transplants work?
Hair Transplants, also known as strip surgery, have been used for a number of years as a safe and successful method for replacing thinning hair. This process originally involved extracting a strip of skin from the back of the head to extract the follicles, and would require suturing of the back of the head in order to close the scalp. Although this was known to be a safe procedure, it’s understandable if it seemed like a daunting prospect for those awaiting the treatment.

Ailesbury Hair Clinic have since established a less invasive way to help men suffering from symptoms of hair loss by using a unique method know as the ‘AHI Technique’, also known as Aesthetic Hair Integration.

More about AHI
AHI is a safe and successful method to help men bring back their confidence by reinstating their mane to its former glory. This is carried out using follicular unit extraction hair restoration which has proven to bring successful results. This is a straight forward procedure which involves using a specially designed implantation pen to place hair follicles at the exact angle and direction, this will ensure end results look natural and realistic.

The implementation of this implantation pen means there is no longer a need to use scalpels or surgical strip extraction, and also means the use of stitches to heal the scalp is no longer necessary – making the entire process more enjoyable and worry-free.

Say hello to the new you
You no longer need to conceal your balding head under a hat as this innovative hair transplant procedure by Ailesbury Hair Clinic is guaranteed to bring you noticeable and satisfying results – not only will it bring your hair back, but also your confidence.