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Unfortunately, hair loss remains to be a big problem both for a great number of women and men from all over the world. Talking about the main reasons of hair loss special attention should be paid to genetics, poor nutrition and hormonal imbalances. Now, we are going to provide you with useful tips and recommendations which will help you get hair growth naturally.

Eat Less Meat

Ailesbury Hair Loss Clinic suggests that if you eat animal meat on a regular basis you will definitely increase your fat intake. Ailesbury Hair Loss Clinic also points out that meat contains fat that stimulates sebum production. Numerous researches have proved the fact that sebum promotes hair loss.

Eat Fatty Acids

Obviously, you should eat foods which contain fatty acids. Ailesbury Hair Loss Clinic recommends people to diversify their diets with such foods as avocado, fish, flaxseeds and walnuts.

Eat Biotin Rich Foods

Ailesbury Hair Loss Clinic says that biotin is very important for healthy hair. Such foods as brown rice, nuts and oats contain high amounts of biotin. You should definitely include these foods in your healthy diet.

Eat Iron Rich Foods

According to Ailesbury Hair Loss Clinic, iron plays a key role in hair health. It is very important for hair growth. This means that you should definitely include iron rich foods in your diet. Berries, cashews and green leafy vegetables contain high amount of iron. Eating iron rich foods will certainly help you get hair growth in a natural way.

Consume B-Complex Vitamins

People, who suffer from hair loss, are recommended to consume B-complex vitamins. Biotin and vitamin B6 will certainly have a positive impact on your hair health. They will rejuvenate hair follicles and will strengthen your hairs. That’s why it is a good idea to consider a B-complex supplement as an addition to your diet. Consume 100 mg of supplement daily to improve your hair health significantly.

Zinc is Important for Hair Health

It has been proved that zinc and other minerals are essential for hair growth. Ailesbury Hair Loss Clinic thinks that if you take 30 mg of zinc and 500 mg of silica every day you will be able to forget about your hair loss problem once and for all.

Vitamin C and Vitamin E Help Prevent Hair Loss

Vitamin C will help you boost collagen production. That’s why you should consume more vitamin C for improving hair health. Fruits, strawberries and red pepper are a powerful source of vitamin C. If you eat vitamin E rich foods you will be able to prevent hair damage.