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Ailesbury Hair Loss Clinic

Hair loss can happen to men and women, for different reasons, and varying severities.


While there are common reasons behind why people lose their hair, here are some reasons that you may not have realized.


Many of the patients that come to the Ailesbury Hair Loss Clinic are among those who suffer from a common genetic issue called androgenetic alopecia. With this issue, hair loss is normally gradual and becomes more apparent as you get older. Depending on various factors, individuals with this condition may also experience that their hair is falling out.


Also, the kind of prescription medication you are taking may have an impact and cause hair loss. There are several medications that have this as a side effect including vitamin A, arthritis medication, blood pressure pills and birth control. If you find a link between medication and hair loss, then you should be able to go to a doctor and have them change your medication immediately.


One illness that can be causing hair loss is thyroid disease. The hair loss as a side effect is actually a normal symptom. When you have thyroid disease, your body has a hard time figuring out which hormone to produce. Depending on the severity of the thyroid issue, a person could see a gradual change or an immediate and drastic one.


Have you had a surgery or medical procedure recently? If so, then this may be the cause of your hair loss. This could be due to a combination of the effects of the anesthesia and your body undergoing a lot of stress – all of which then lead to the hair loss. This type of hair loss is usually only temporary though, and will usually stop being a problem over time.


Another condition that many people do not realize is linked to hair loss is iron deficiency anemia. This is actually a common symptom of anemia. It is a subset of the anemia diagnosis that happens when the body’s iron levels are low. This can also be linked to a bad diet, blood loss or absorption problems. It can be managed with a doctor, but you still may experience hair loss.